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Flipped Classroom: What it is and what it is not?

by Niharika Kulkarni

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Flipped classroom is inverting the traditional method of teaching into a new model wherein teachers teach through videos shared online and students come prepared to the classroom to answer the questions and clear their doubts if any. It is a technique which converts studying outside class and doing the homework in the classroom.


In 2007 two teachers from Woodland Park High School, Jonathan Bergman and Aaron Sams discovered software to record PowerPoint presentation. They recorded and posted videos online for students who had missed their lectures. They further spread this method to the other teachers when their online lectures became famous. Thus the birth of flipped classroom was started by them.


  • This method cannot be followed for the nursery or kindergarten students as they do not have the capability to learn by themselves. They learn what they see and hear and what is taught to them. Thus a teacher is has to teach and explain to them carefully.
  • Only some students from the primary and secondary school may learn who may have the grasping power. For these class students it is preferable that the traditional method is used as well as the flipped class. So that they gain knowledge from both ways and have a clear understanding about each topic. 
  • This method is preferable for higher class or college students as they can learn on their own and are used to handling the internet. . They can learn on their own and can skip classes for their other curricular activities too. Thus it can be said that the flipped classroom is appropriate for this age group.


  • You cannot apply the method of flipped classroom to any student with a learning disability as they do not have the aptitude to learn on their own. They need special guidance for their growth and mental development. Thus teachers should apply the traditional method for these students.
  • Flipped classroom technique can be used by students who score average as it helps them to rewind and watch the topic again that they haven’t understood so that it helps them learn more thoroughly.
  • It’s a best method for high scorers as they grasp more quickly and get more time to revise and clear their doubts in the classroom. 

flip tip


  • A surrounding where students take their own responsibility to learn on their own and help themselves in case of doubts or questions.
  • A place where a lot of interesting activities and sessions take place in the classroom which keeps the interest of the students intact.
  • The best technique where if the student remains absent due to curricular activities, illness or jobs, have a way to learn at their own given time.
  • The best way to keep the communication between  teachers and  students alive and personalized as they get more quality time to spend on getting their doubts cleared.
  • The perfect mixture of giving proper instructions and creating a unique way of learning and teaching.


  • It is far different than online videos. Online videos just gives you the explanation and knowledge about a particular topics whereas in flipped classroom the videos uploaded are similar to teachers teaching in a classroom where a topic is briefly explained and taught in a similar manner as it occurs in traditional classroom.
  • It is not an online course. Online courses explain the topics online whereas in this method after learning from the videos a proper classroom activity is takes place where all uncertainties are cleared.
  • It doesn’t mean that teachers are replaced by videos because teachers teach in the videos. In addition to it, teachers also take activities and sessions after the students have learnt at home.
  • No one can say that the students do not follow a form of learning because students have their syllabus and teachers upload the topics in a specific structure and organization which students tend to follow.
  • Students do not spend their entire time facing the computer screen as they are also given other form of paperwork to do,  plus they perform other activities and meetings in the classroom.


  • An environment is created where students dare to ask questions.
  • Students create their own groups and study or watch the videos together.
  • Create videos that are short in length and easy to understand.
  • Include other facts, diagrams, pictures and relevant information in the video for clear understanding.
  • Upload the videos in a correct manner so that each topic can be related or distinguished from each other according to the need.

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"You can forget facts, but you cannot forget understanding"- Eric Mazur.

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