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Big Boss: Entertainment or Useless?

by Twinkle Dhawan

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One television reality show that is driving the mob round the bend these days and making them glued to their TV sets is Big Boss. This concept of big boss was brought in from the replica of a famous internationally acclaimed show called “big brother” to promote the agenda of free masons. In this show, you get to see people from various walks of life that live under one roof in complete isolation with the outside world or technology. The aim of this show is to put its contestants under various pell-mell situations to check their patience and skills of dealing with other people having different mindsets. Each week, two or more housemates (as per the votes of fellow housemates) are nominated for eviction. This eviction is carried out to make the house free from disruptive or unwanted housemates to the outside world. They earn food and various basic needs by completing the tasks given by Big Boss. This house in various seasons has seen major issues and controversies related to food only. The aim is to avoid the eviction from the house and the ultimate winner is the one who stays all throughout in the house with maximum support of the public.


 As far as Big Boss, rights are being sold as hot cakes; Salman Khan being the major attraction for that. This show is popular because of its fights, arguments and issues that celebrities have with each other. But why are fights so popular if they are considered bad? This is because it is human tendency that loves to tattle place to place and have a glimpse of how miserable someone else’s life is. This shrewd behaviour gives people a feeling of satisfaction that “we’re still better than this person’s condition”. Dinner time is the time when people just want to be free from worries. So to see some celebrity indulging into lunatic behaviour is the best way to utilize time. It actually is ironical but true.

Every year this show is able to grab all the attention of the television viewers at most, which not only benefits the television network it is wired with but also the sponsors, contestants and the host. Such kinds of shows are largely viewed by the masses as a source of entertainment. The show is a source of laughter when you see people being imbecile and fighting over petty issues. This show can definitely be put in the genre of “pointless comedy”. The kind of challenges these contestants face makes it even more humorous. This diverts a common man’s mind from the rut of work and adversities of modern times by making celebrities and well known people act like loons. These shows are somehow able to bring families together. Even if any family is unable to spend time together but at night, the entire family is able to sit together and share an hour of unlimited entertainment.

It is a well noticed fact that after Salman Khan becoming the host of this show in season 4, the popularity of this show has risen tremendously. Fans especially the female fans go gaga on seeing their favourite Salman Khan entertaining them more vivaciously. From viewers’ point of view, they get an insight into the lives of their favourite celebrities who take part in such shows. It’s like all together a different side of these people that is shown to the mob. For example, any person would not even have thought in their wildest imagination that Imam Sidhiqqui (ex contestant) would have been so loopy in his conduct. It was entertainment to it’s never been seen level.

Big boss is also an example to Cultural Diversity

 It is an example of cultural diversity as popular people from various sects get to stay together in the same house. They exchange vital information about themselves and are able to define their purpose of being known which they otherwise couldn’t in any other possible way. They are much more expressive due to constant supervision of cameras in the house. The house itself is built every season and it was way more beautiful than the previous ones. This opens upon a market for architectural business as well.


The concept itself is very exciting, i.e., division of the house into Jannat and Jahanum.

1. Tanisha Mukherji

She’s born with a golden spoon! From her mother Tanuja to her sister Kajol and her cousin Rani Mukherjee, she’s a high profile celebrity. But this means war! Words like compromise and adjust wouldn’t be in her dictionary.


Being a VJ makes him self expressive but being ANDY makes him full on entertaining. Right from his entry, he’s seen as another Imam Sidhiqqui. This season will definitely be dramatic because of him!


She is a supermodel, Actress, entrepreneur and a socialite. Adding to the glitz and glamour to the house, she will be much more entertaining than she was in her show “Khan Sisters” where she nailed it on the entertainment element.


She’s a TV actress and a proper “Indian Naaree”. Insider news says that her “Ratan ka Rishta” fiancée will also add spice on Big Boss to get some reaction out of this silent girl.


It is like a new trend that has been following in Big boss preceding seasons to add married/divorced couples to the show. God save their love!


Salman Khan’s “good friend” Hazel Keech is also added to the Big Boss house. She’s a silent observer with a cute accent of Hindi language.


She is the famous vamp from TV shows and the viewers are just hoping to see how much more colors she can add to colors!


He’s a famous television actor. He’s good looking and talented. He’s addicted to drinking and that’s the reason why he’s in this house. Is it safe to have an addict aboard?


The famous “Tsunami Singh” from the movie Body guard is here. His comic timings in the movie have been tremendously amazing. Let’s just see him more dramatic.


She’s new to the bollywood industry and it’s been said that she’s Salman Khan’s “close friend” as well. Her accent is funny and this is how she’ll be an entertaining factor for Big Boss 7.


He’s the desi jatt and a national wrestler. He’ll add a desi element to the show which will be entertaining itself.12. PRATYUSHA BANERJEE


From Balika Vadhu to Big Boss, there has been a transition in her role. This time her role is to be herself.


He’s been an old actor and not many people know about him. But his spontaneous reaction to wrongdoers will create a topsy turvy situation in Big Boss’s house.


She’s been in news off lately for her relationship with Rajesh Khanna. This is a platform for her to show her reality to the world and her escape from the outside world.


Oscar Wilde once said, “It is absurd to divide something into good or bad. They are either charming or abortive.” So talking about the abortive side of this reality show, the major one is unethical, violent and absurd lines on which this show is presented. The foul language and the misconduct that certain people follow is becoming a major issue concern. Children usually learn from whatever they see and this show teaches stupid and futile language and behaviour. Furthermore, unnecessary babbling, controversies and quarrels become a source of crankiness to its viewers.  The adulterated things shown on big boss is certainly teaching our forthcoming generation some really bad mannerisms.


Another major issue in this regard is the rigged evictions and pre-scripted conduct of housemates. This show is a so called “reality” show as mostly we see pre-scripted and not exactly true. This creates a sense of trickery from such shows in the minds of the viewers. This show serves as a platform for such celebrities who are in need to manipulate their public image in front of the general public and have been successful with it. Rajeev Paul (ex contestant) is one such example who was able to prove everyone, that he was an innocent husband and able to turn tables towards Delnaz (his wife and ex contestant). Rather than spending one hour of uselessness on such a show, someone would rather watch discovery channel or news channel which is much more informative and mentally productive.

Arrogance and foolishness is the new trend in modern times. Big boss is a sheer example of depicting this. I remember in season 3, Rohit Verma (Fashion Designer) and Kamal Khan (Famous movie actor and entrepreneur) had this fight wherein they were throwing bottles at each other. It was shocking to watch such a nasty and cheap image of well known people behaving in such a manner.

But whatever the case may be, whether is it useless or entertaining, I would certainly watch it because of the drama it creates. Will you?

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