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SMS Alert Service for Scholarships, Competitions & Fellowship Programs

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Subscription Charges: Rs 365/year


SMS Alert Service by Mota Chashma provides information about the following:

  • Scholarships - National & International
  • Competitions - National & International
  • Fellowship Programs
  • Scholarships to study abroad

The information is provided  for both School and College students.

Now you can get SMS alerts on your Mobile phone so that you do not miss any opportunity!

Features of the SMS Alert Service

  • SMS Alert on the upcoming Scholarships, Competitions & Fellowship Programs in India and Abroad
  • Category: School (Class 1-12)  & College
  • Class wise / Age wise  Alerts
  • Number of Scholarships & Competitions: 100+  for each subscriber in a year as per their Category
  • Reminder before the deadline
  • Result Notifications for major programs

Why Subscribe for SMS Alert?

  • Even if you forget to participate  after the first alert, then do not worry, there is a Second reminder for you!
  • Get timely Intimation of any change in the schedule, last date to apply or any important thing about the Scholarship, Competition & Fellowship.

Who can register for this Service?

  • Students – School & College
  • Teachers – School & College
  • Parents
  • Heads/ Principals of School & College
  • Coaching Centers
  • Hobby Class Owners

Anybody can register for this service for themselves or for their near & dear ones.

Information to be given at the time of Subscribing

  • Name of the person for whom this subscription is taken
  • Mobile Number on which SMS Alert is to be activated.
  • E-Mail Address: This will be used for all future communications with us.
  • Age of the person for whom this subscription is taken.
  • Category for SMS Alert: Mention School OR College
  • If Category is School Mention Class: Example If you want to activate SMS Alerts for Class 7, Mention 7. In case of college leave it blank.

Kind of Scholarship/Competition Updates

  • Art Competitions
  • Science Competitions
  • Mathematics Competitions
  • Olympiads
  • Sports Scholarships
  • Robotics Competitions
  • Handwriting Competitions
  • Design Competitions
  • Painting Competitions
  • CBSE Scholarships
  • Photography Awards
  • Essay Competitions
  • Poetry Contest
  • Foreign University Scholarships for School/College Students
  • Awards for Teachers
  • Government Scholarship Schemes
    e.g. PM Scholarship
  • PSU Scholarship Schemes
    e.g. IOCL Scholarship
  • Scholarships by International bodies
    e.g. United Nations
Check the list of all Scholarships

Important Instructions

  • Subscribed users should e-mail us at sms@motachashma.com from their registered e-mail id for any Change in Class, Category, Age and Mobile Number
  • For any query please call @ +91-9560073133
  • For Bulk Purchase in Schools & Colleges we offer Discounts!!!