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Mental Ability for NTSE Stage I- NTSE

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Publisher: Disha Publication
ISBN: 9789383379170
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Book Summary and Content

This book provides understanding of all the concepts covered by the syllabus of NTSE examination for MAT. The book helps the aspirant not only in building their Aptitude but will also lead them to brilliantly develop their analytical skills. 

Mental Ability for NTSE Stage I for Class 10 by Disha Publication is a comprehensive book for class 10 students aspiring to excel in NTSE test conducted by the NCERT. The book sticks to the latest syllabus strictly prescribed by the NCERT and helps students work on their mental ability skills. The book presents point-wise information, helping students to assimilate and understand the subject so that they can learn them for long time. The next section contains tables, diagrams and maps, helping aspirants take their thinking ability to a new height. Next, this book contains two Practice sets paper, helping students to hone their skills. The book is strongly recommended for all NTSE aspirants.

 Disha Publications is one of the count on publishers of India, publishing textbooks and study materials for senior secondary, High school, Medical entrance examination, JEE and other competitive exams conducted throughout the country.


Table of Contents

  • Series
  • Alphabet Test
  • Classification
  • Analogy
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Number and Ranking
  • Blood Relation
  • Mathematical Operations
  • Direction Sense
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Time and Clock
  • Missing Character
  • Non-Verbal Series
  • Non-Verbal Classification
  • Analogy (Non-Verbal)
  • Incomplete Figure
  • Water and Mirror Image
  • Cube and Dice
  • Paper Folding and Cutting
  • Embedded Figure
  • Puzzle Test
  • Figure Partition and Dot Situation
  • Syllogisms
  • Cryptography
  • Statement and Conclusion
  • Data Sufficiency Scholastic Aptitude Test
  • Exemplar Problems In MAT for State NTSE
  • Mock MAT 1
  • Mock MAT 2
  • Solutions to Mock MAT 1 and 2

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