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Publisher: Arihant
ISBN: 9789350751497
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Book Summary and Content

This book is one of the renowned Essay Writing Books. This book contains a vocabulary card following every essay explaining the meanings of the difficult words and sentences in the essay. Important quotations are also included in the book that can be used by the students while writing essays. The book contains a total of 196 essays on topics such as national issues, current affairs, international issues, renowned people and freedom fighters, historical and political events and idiomatic and proverbial essays.

The essays in the book are up to date covering the latest facts and figures. The book covers almost all topics relating to competitive exams. The essays in the book are very organised, informative, systematic and original. The essays also answer descriptive general knowledge questions of various competitive exams. The language of the essays is understandable. This book can act as a reference book for students appearing for competitive examinations such as States public services examinations and UPSC Civil services examinations.

Current topics covered in the essays:

  • AIDS
  • Brain drain to brain gain
  • Currency rise and fall
  • Child labour
  • Death sentence for rapists
  • Problems faced by working women
  • Dangers of human cloning
  • Politics without ethics
  • Euthanasia
  • Human Rights Violation
  • Vulgarity and Violence in Movies
  • Ragging
  • Role of Newspaper
  • Panchayati Raj
  • Employees rights to strike
  • Drug addiction
  • Role of Visual Media
  • Cities on the verge of collapse
  • Wildlife protection
  • Exploring Mars: The Red Planet
  • Internet
  • Adulteration
  • Reservation Policy
  • Science vs religion
  • Female foeticide
  • Coalition government
  • Dowry
  • Gender inequalities
  • Tourism
  • Transparency in public administration
  • Honour killing

 Essays on renowned people and freedom fighters such as :

  • Mother Teresa
  • Bhagat Singh
  • Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
  • Subhash Chandra Bose
  • Saina Nehwal
  • Dr. C. V. Raman
  • Ashfaqulla khan

 Essays on Political events such as:

  • 1857 Mutiny
  • Gandhiji’s role in the national movement
  • Quit India movement

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